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Banana Solar is your trusted local supplier and installer of all of your renewable energy needs.

Too many marketing companies are entering the solar market without the proper experience. These companies are more likely to upsell sub-standard equipment that is dangerously installed by unqualified labourers.

We offer peace of mind to our customers through cutting-edge design and in-house installations. Our proven methods of consultation, design, installation, and safety check procedures ensure that your system will deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Top Ranked Supplier

In May 2020, we earned the Platinum Supplier Badge from

Residential Solar Sylvania

Banana Solar installed a 12.21kW Trina / Sungrow solar system for our client in Sylvania. This was a challenging job for the roofers, with lots of panels to install on three roof faces and hot water system removal and whirlybird relocation required. The electrician worked hard to run the cables in an aesthetically pleasing way to the inverter inside the garage. Overall our client was thrilled with the outcome and praised Banana Solar’s service from start to finish.


Government incentives now available up to $7,092 for Australian households***

Cutting Edge Design

Our CEC accredited solar designers utilise state of the art solar modelling software to design your solar installation and estimate your energy production.

*Disclaimer: 5 star rating is based on the SolarQuotes Network Ratings for NSW between 2019 – 2020 which can be found on the SolarQuotes website. **Disclaimer: No. 1 ranking is based on the SolarQuotes Network Rankings for NSW which can be found on the SolarQuotes website. ***Disclaimer: Government incentive amount based on a 13kW system installed in Sydney in 2020, eligible for 197 STC’s at $36 per certificate.